Nuovo Therapy

Kick-start your metabolism

Photobiomodulation stimulates your cells to perform better. It supplies the body with a light spectrum that functions as a driving force for cellular energy.

Light as a basic nutrient for human health

Light devices that use red and near-infrared light, as well as other colour spectra, can help improve your health. After all, health is the most valuable thing we have.

We have been with you for 5 years!

As a gift for the anniversary, we guarantee a 5-year warranty on LED emitters.

Try light therapy too

Therapy directly at the branch in Brno.


Nuovo Therapy

A Czech photobiomodulation therapy device manufacturer

There isn’t a person who hasn’t been affected by pain and illness. With our activity, we try to prevent these unpleasant experiences, and improve our customers‘ quality of life in the long term. We are Nuovo Therapy, and your health is our mission.

We manufacture, develop and supply reliable light therapy devices that are adapted for both home therapy and professional use. Their wide range of effectiveness on human health is daily motivation for us to do our job as well as possible. We offer devices that will be a companion for you both at home and on the road. Similarly, they can become an integral part of your professional activity in the area of cosmetic care, sports training, rehabilitation and other health therapies.

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      premier league football club

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      publicly known personality

      Libor Podmol

      freestyle motocross racer

      Adam "Rest" Chlpík

      publicly known personality

      Martin Schmiedl


      Miroslav "Inkvizitor"" Brož

      Oktagon MMA wrestler

      Jiří Fleišman

      football player

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      fitness coach

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      athlete - obstacle course

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