Your cells in better shape

Like every organism, our cells also require sufficient photons, which come from light, in order to function properly. Photobiomodulation is an effective regeneration method using red light combined with near-infrared light, and in some cases with other colour spectra. The clinically verified radiation wavelengths increase circulation and cellular energy synthesis.

Cells that have a sufficient supply of photons function properly and efficiently. Thanks to this, natural metabolic processes are increased. The cells are better able to break down harmful substances and expel them from the body, and repair damaged tissues quickly and effectively. In general, photobiomodulation accelerates collagen and protein synthesis, and helps the cell to oxygenate itself better.  It harmonises organs‘ functions, and aids the achievement of a healthy mental state. Regular photobiomodulation therapy, combined with a healthy lifestyle, contributes to better body regeneration.

From wrinkles to more serious illnesses, the healing effect can be seen in every cell of your body.