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Nuovo LED Bed

Full-body therapeutic bed with red and near-infrared LED radiation.

The professional LED Bed, with the energy of red and near-infrared light, is designed for relaxation and the strengthening of blood capillaries. They’re responsible for proper microcirculation in the body, oxygenation, acceleration of the detoxification effect, and the body’s proper functioning. After the first visit, you will also notice the positive effect of the therapy on your skin; it becomes soft to the touch, and any wounds and scars on it gradually disappear.

Photobiomodulation via the Nuovo LED therapeutic bed works with red, blue and near-infrared radiation. Such therapy can reverse oxidative stress, reduce pain and inflammation and improve cellular energy production, without involving heat or harmful UV radiation. The LED Bed uses specially-treated LED chips for medical purposes. Such light supplies photons to your skin and cells, and brings a wide range of proven health benefits.

Professional full-body therapy

The entire body is evenly exposed to photobiomodulation therapy.

15 minutes 2x per week

For long-term vitality, we recommend therapy of a frequency of 15-20 minutes, 2x per week.

No negative effects

Therapy via them Nuovo LED Bed is non-invasive, and has no side effects.

5 year warranty on LEDs

Thanks to high-quality German diodes, we guarantee a 5-year warranty on LED emitters.

Blood circulation optimisation, and treatment of cardiovascular disease
High blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar, thick blood, atherosclerosis, prevention and treatment of consequences of strokes and heart attacks, ischemic and cardiovascular disease, insufficient blood flow to the brain, thrombosis.

Musculoskeletal pain
Joint and back pain, cold and heavy legs, insufficient regeneration, inflammation, arthritis, osteoarthritis.

Skin condition
Acne, wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite, detoxification of the body, metabolism.

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