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Nuovo Spektrum

The light spectrum rejuvenates the skin, contributes to good mental health, and helps treat cardiovascular disease.

The Nuovo Spektrum is a comprehensive device that contributes to your body’s overall vitality using red, blue, yellow and green light. In addition to optimising blood circulation, it has a positive effect on mental health and dermatological problems. It’s an excellent helper for dealing with viral and bacterial infections. A daily 30 minute therapy session with the Nuovo Spektrum device is an excellent path to a healthy body and mind.

The Nuovo Spektrum device is attached to the left wrist. It’s combined with one of the 3 probes in the package (ear, nose or pain relief). A laser and LED light work on the blood flowing through these areas. This reduces blood viscosity and increases red blood cell flexibility, resulting in better blood circulation through the vessels. Thanks to this, our organs are better oxygenated and nourished.

In short, healthier blood circulation for your overall vitality.

This device also has excellent effects on your skin. It stimulates nitric oxide production, supports vitamin D production and activates telomerase, whereby it triggers a strong anti-ageing effect in the skin. Thanks to its strong detoxification effect, it is an effective tool for treating acne. It helps produce serotonin, which relaxes the mind and suppresses negative mental states. All of this thanks to the use of a larger number of wavelengths.

At home and on the road

A compact, certified device that’s easy to operate.

30 minutes a day

30 minutes use per day is enough for long-term vitality.

No negative effects

Laser therapy is non-invasive, and has no side effects.

5 year warranty on LEDs

Thanks to high-quality German diodes, we guarantee a 5-year warranty on LED emitters.

Blood circulation optimisation, and treatment of cardiovascular disease
High blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar, thick blood, atherosclerosis, prevention and treatment of consequences of strokes, ischemic and cardiovascular disease, insufficient blood flow to the brain, thrombosis.

Musculoskeletal pain
Joint and back pain, cold and heavy legs, insufficient regeneration, inflammation, post-injury recovery.

Dermatological problems
Everyday cosmetic skin damage, skin rejuvenation, pore and scar reduction, acne, eczema, psoriasis.

Other illnesses
Allergic and chronic rhinitis, insomnia, erectile dysfunction, internal organ spasms, sclerosis and Alzheimer’s, kidney problems, eczema, type 1 and 2 diabetes, tinnitus, mental problems.

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