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Photobiomodulation Pad

Demonstrable pain relief for the entire musculoskeletal system.

The photobiomodulation pad uses LED light therapy methods, which accelerate cell renewal and growth as well as the healing of wounds, helps sore joints, and relieves pain near the carpal tunnels. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect, and often prevents the need for operations. It therefore helps in areas that a doctor often works on. An advantage of the pad is the option of a local effect on painful areas. Give your painful back and joints relief using a non-invasive therapeutic method.

The photobiomodulation pad helps using a combination of red LED and infrared light. This tandem effectively relieves pain and accelerates healing. The device is very easy to operate. Just place it on the affected area, fix it with a Velcro belt, and connect it to the power supply using a USB connector on a computer, a socket or a power bank. With this method, you help your body exactly where it needs it.

At home and on the road

A compact, certified device that’s easy to operate.

20-30 minutes per day

We recommend using it 2x per day, for 20-30 minutes, on the area in which you feel pain.

No negative effects

Photobiomodulation therapy is non-invasive, and has no side effects.

Variability of use

Thanks to the straps, the pad can be placed directly on painful areas anywhere on the body.

If you suffer from joint pain
Thanks to the therapy, enzymes perform better, and blood cells receive more oxygen and nutrients, resulting in the joints being better nourished. At the same time, the therapy stimulates nerve function and has an anti-inflammatory effect, thanks to which it supports joint mobility.

After injuries and operations
The pad stimulates fibroblast formation and collagen synthesis, resulting in better post-operative healing of wounds. The therapy reduces scar intensity, and swelling and bruise size.

For better nerve function and blood circulation
During the therapy, blood vessels temporarily dilate, increasing blood flow to the affected area.

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