How red light helps for better sports performance

Photobiomodulation therapy is the perfect tool to achieve better sports results and subsequent better regeneration, or convalescence after a sports injury. Let’s discuss the possibilities of this therapy to overcome your current goals in sports.


Red light therapy is applied both before and within one hour after physical exercise to maximize its effect.

Before physical exertion, the body charges and prepares it for greater effort and also to reduce exercise exhaustion.

During exercise, the body is perfectly prepared to do its best, its strength and performance are supported and the achieved result improves compared to performance without the use of photobiomodulation.

After training, wrestling or any other physical activity, the therapy drastically reduces lactic acid from the body and also reduces the incidence of inflammation. It is recommended to perform the therapy within one hour after the end of physical exertion.

The prevention of injuries during sports performance, but also during normal physical activity, for example when working in the garden, is markedly increased by red light therapy, thus reducing the likelihood of injury from which one can heal for weeks or even months. If an injury also occurs, the therapy guarantees a faster return to normal mode thanks to its unique technology, where, for example, the RD1500 or RD3000 panel covers the entire affected area and supports healing in the shortest possible time, depending on the type of injury. If you are looking for the best that the market has to offer today, the RD6000 professional LED panel is the right choice for your greatest performance and exposure on the market.

Stretching or tearing muscle tendons, tennis elbow or stretching Achilles heel are exactly the health problems that this therapy is most effective for. We can also mention ankle sprain, stretched ligaments or pain reduction in general. In extreme cases of fractures, therapy is also recommended to speed healing and promote proper bone fusion.


At Nuovo Therapy, we recommend 10-20 minutes of LED panel therapy before exercise and the same 10-20 minutes after exercise to maximize the therapeutic effect of the devices.


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