Innovations and 4 wavelengths in Nuovo Therapy panels

After years of experience with photobiomodulation therapy, we have innovated our products several times to meet the demanding requirements of our clients as much as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the most important changes to Nuovo Therapy products in recent years.

Therapeutic device Nuovo Spektrum
In this device, we have implemented 4 wavelengths to cover the widest range of therapeutic effects of photobiomodulation in the smallest possible design suitable for travel, work or just at home while relaxing in front of the television. The previous version of the instrument had only one wavelength.



Nuovo LED Bed
Nuovo Therapy flagship. The ultimate device for whole-body photobiomodulation therapy, where we have, among other improvements, implemented infrared, red, but also blue LED diodes with a wavelength of 450 nm, which complement the spectrum of effects with dermatological and anti-aging effects. Special lenses have also been added to the LEDs, which refract the light to an angle of 30 ° and thus increase the bed’s performance by an amazing 30%. The device thus becomes a comprehensive product for medical centers, clinics, wellness and spa, beauty salons and, for example, gyms.



Therapeutic panel Nuovo RD500 Blue
The purely dermatological use of the desired blue LED light of the RD500 Blue panel is the perfect complement to classic panels with red and infrared light. Blue light with a wavelength of 450 nm is ideal for its dermatological and anti-aging abilities and is suitable for home use as well as for beauty salons, clinics and, for example, wallness centers.



Panels Nuovo RD – 4 wavelengths for the ultimate therapeutic effect
Here, too, is a time for innovation, and a great one. All our therapeutic panels of the RD series now contain 4 wavelengths – 630 + 660 nm red and 830 + 850 nm infrared light and together with the existing special lenses on each LED diode, which bend their light to an angle of 30 ° and thus improve the penetration capabilities of light into bodies, these improved panels become the most effective and in our case the most powerful photobiomodulation panels on the market.

For a brief summary of the effects of each length –  630 nm is great with penetration into the upper area of the skin, help with dermatological problems and for example, support for hair growth. The length of 660 nm penetrates the skin a little deeper and supports tissue healing and regeneration, reduces swelling, inflammation and reduces neuropathic pain. The length of 830 nm of infrared light penetrates even deeper into the tissue and successfully also through the skull than the lengths of 630 and 660 nm. This makes it ideal for therapies for various brain disorders, recovery from stroke and psychiatric disorders, reduces infection and accelerates wound healing. The last length of 850 nm has similar capabilities as 830 nm, only in wider range. It better regenerates muscles after sports performance, has anti-inflammatory benefits and is suitable in orthodontics for dental correction.


Case studies
There are many studies on photobiomodulation or red light therapy. Here are a few selected:

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